API Design Made Easy

Build a real, functional API in minutes

We make it easy to create data APIs by taking a few key words or uploading a CSV file and building out an OpenAPI contract.

Uploading a CSV file

We have a full walkthrough where you can take one (or more!) CSV files and turn them into a fully functional API in minutes. Here's a quick live demo video:


Or you can start with simple keywords and build your data objects using our design tools:

Building with Keywords

For example if you wanted to create an app to share articles we'd start by creating "articles."

Keyword: articles

Then you can add the kinds of things you want to include in your article like:

  • title (e.g. "A great story I heard")
  • body (e.g. "#The Day Begins\nI was learning markdown formatting when...")
  • category (e.g. "General Articles")

Adding Security

An API is about sharing data safely, which means controlling who gets to see what and when they get to see it. As you define your API, we create the resources and collections that your app will consume when you publish your API, and then we let you manage your security rules while you edit your API:


"Sub-collections" are a great way to group data under other data and provide another layer of access-control. For example you might want to have comments on that article by creating a "subcolleciton" underneath the articles collection.

➕[Add a sub colleciton to articles]

Now the API expands to include functions for /articles/{articlesId}/comments where you can add additional security (who gets to add comments, who "owns" the comments, and so forth) and have data that is directly tied to the parent article



And that's all you need to launch your API -- your contract is complete, we'll create a single tenant environment where you can start working with your API immediately.

API Standards and Consistency

All of our APIs follow a consistent set of rules to make it easy to build reusable tools to sort, search and display your API data. We'll be building tools that you can use, and a community to help expand and share a library of tools to make your application development a success!

Start Now!

API Design Tools
API Design Tools

Give us a few keywords, or give us a spreadsheet, and we'll turn it into an industry standard API complete with documentation you can share with your team or your customers.

API as a Service
API as a Service

We use modern, cloud-native technologies to host your API for the best uptime and response times. API as a Service means you don't have to worry about the complexities of cloud architecture, and you get focus on your application.

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Security should never be an afterthought, but it should never get in the way of your project either. We build all our tools with security in mind, so when you need to add user level rules for who gets to do what, it's just a matter of adding a few rules.

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